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Broker & Owner

“To Be Memorable” – This is my deal. To wake up and to have a day packed full of events and situations that are Memorable. Along this journey, I strive to be happy and to be home and to put people in the right homes. Let’s be honest if you are selling or buying a home – the experience will be memorable…it is a huge deal. With me I will work tirelessly, I am always available, bringing the same love and passion for my family to help make this transition a great memory. Not only am I an advocate for clients, I’m a friend, an advisor and always there to help navigate through one of the most important and challenging adventures-moving.

Every home has a heart; my goal is to help find its beat. I open my heart to everyone I work with. When the right home is seen, you know it – it’s magic. I pride myself on sprinkling magic into the experience of finding the home that makes sense. Match making is key. Linking the home and the client together is the key. It is a perfect fit. The excitement and rush when I know that the home is going to be negotiated to be the ONE – is the best thing ever. I had clients that have had tears when they walked in the kitchen and knew it was their home. Magic happens. Best days ever.

Families grow and I am the lucky one to be there through the journey. My clients get me. They become part of my family. They get a piece of my heart. They know it and I know it. I believe in treating people how they want to be treated. Family is love, no matter the story; the family will fill my heart and home forever. I love helping people find or sell their home. I am the lucky one that gets to do that every day.

What is your magic? What is your memory? What is your home? I strive to help families see the magic in the real estate process.

Be Happy, Be Memorable and Be Home!

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Jennifer Young



You are one of the lucky ones if you get the opportunity to spend any time with Jennifer. She is one of those people who has done a little bit of everything in her life. This NC State grad has earned her stripes in real estate. She began in the real estate world as an appraiser in 2002. In 2005, Jennifer got her real estate license and has never looked back. She is an advocate and a friend in each transaction. You can sometimes find her in the crawl space verifying a repair. Other times you can find her rescuing a past client by changing their tire when they are stranded on the side of the road.

When Jennifer is not helping people make moves, she is managing the pool and swim team at Edgebrook in Garner. She has recently earned her wings as an angel after teaching her son how to drive. She also has a daughter with fiery red hair that keeps us all on our toes. She has the best snorting laugh and shares it often because of her awesome jokes and one-liners.

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Molly Eiloni


Hi my name is Molly.

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Lesley Madden

Transaction Coordinator

Hi my name is Lesley.

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