The families that have been here for generations can tell you why North Carolina is so loved and how much is has changed (even over the last 10 years!)  People relocate to the Triangle every day.  In 2014, Wake County hit the 1 million person mark and the growth hasn’t slowed down since then.

We love hearing the stories of what brought people to this area.  We thought maybe you would like to know our story too!

Donald O’meara: My family lived in Northern VA we loved North Carolina and the Raleigh area had so much to offer, close to the coast, affordable housing with amenities nearby. I love the ACC and college basketball, although we are a house divided – Go Duke!,  being in the heart of all that is a plus too. The slower pace and just all around way of life better to raise our children.

Jenn Cole: I am originally from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio (North Royalton). I moved here in 1996 to go to Elon College, now Elon University.  I met a guy there….got married… we stayed.  We moved to  Durham in 2000, then Garner, the JoCo side in 2008, and since 2014 we reside in Raleigh.

Tamara Casablanca: I moved from Putnam County (the Hudson Valley) New York.  We love the Triangle because of all the beauty and affordability…..made it the Perfect Place for us.

Xai Powell: Better weather! We moved here from Colorado in 2008 and while it was beautiful, it was also way toooo cold! I wanted to find a place that had all 4 seasons. We decided to move closer to my husband’s kids and we stumbled across NC because it offered better schools, affordable housing, better weather and we would be much closer to the beach! Our entire family loves it here and we have never looked back!

Jill Booth: We were so excited to be moving close to family for the first time in years.  Bob and I moved our young family from Maryland.  We were so sad to leave our dear friends.  We love them and miss them dearly! We love living in NC and having family close by.  Bob and I both went to college in Asheville.  It is nice to be able to pop to the Mountains to visit college friends. Going to the beach is one of our favorite things to do as well.  Emerald Isle is our favorite one!!   We love living in Garner.  It is great to Be Home!

Rebecca Williams: We moved to NC from Anchorage, AK in 2009 to be closer to our family on the east coast.

Yamile Schaub: We relocated from the Fort Lauderdale/South Florida area.  We had family here and felt that this was a better place to raise a family.  We wanted to get away from the hot weather and the horrible traffic.  We love it here!

Jess Moreau: My family and I moved from Maine to North Carolina, for many reasons.  The weather, job opportunities, and way of life – the Triangle is home to many museums, parks and greenways and only a few hours from the coast and mountains.

Jane Ball: Missouri, my home state had an unemployment rate of 17%.  The broader opportunity of jobs brought me here.  I worked in RTP for 10 years before moving onto other things…and finally a career in real estate.