Yamile: To not sweat the small stuff.  Focus on the important things in life…

Jane:  I’ve learned how to not sweat the small stuff, but I do feel my chocolate intake was a little low for 2016, so that is at the top of my list this year!

Donald: LOSE TWENTY FIVE POUNDS, then FIND FIVE on my birthday in the same day… Just Laugh and Love. And sell a couple Houses.

Xai: Eat more veggies and just eat better. This does NOT mean that the alcohol intake will lessen, just more healthy food to offset the difference. Also, volunteer more.

Jenn: My resolution is to write 365 handwritten notes.  To be grateful for the little things.  The big one is to compete in a triathlon in the fall. This one has been on the list for a while.

Dawn: To get back to CrossFit 3+ days per week.  Move towards a full vegetarian diet and finish learning Italian that I began a couple of years ago.

Jill: I think…2017-odd years are my favorite-first off.  Going to be a great one.  Second.  No one wants to be around me dieting.  So I might as well skip that.  I will continue to work on my back pain and run more.  I know that the miles will make me a better me.  Cheers to a great 2017.

Rebecca: Have hope, try new things, be active, see the good, say “I love you” more, challenge myself, choose to be happy, eat better, enjoy today, forgive more readily, read more often, become my best me.

Jess: Be more present, be open to try new things, start exercising (again).

Blake: I’m looking forward to 2017! Can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Whitney Clan  “Lincoln” and try to live a healthier lifestyle, Stay smoke free , and I’m with Xai do more volunteering!